Sustainable Waste Management through SMART WTE

Cypark's Solid Waste Modular Advanced Recovery and Treatment System with Waste to Energy (SMART WTE) plant utilizes cutting-edge technology to convert waste into renewable energy, promoting a circular economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our commitment to sustainable and responsible waste management practices not only reduces environmental impact but also generates cost savings and promotes energy independence.

We believe that waste is a valuable resource, and our SMART WTE facilities have been ingeniously designed to process wet Malaysian waste. Our Waste Segregation and Recycling Facility (WSRF) play a critical role in this process, converting municipal solid waste into feedstock for our Waste to Energy plant.

Waste to Energy is widely recognized for its environmental benefits as a technologically advanced means of waste disposal. It helps to reduce greenhouse gases, particularly methane, which is 84 times more potent as a climate-warming gas than CO2, by eliminating emissions from landfills.

As a leader in the waste to energy industry with a proven track record of constructing, owning, and operating Malaysia's first Waste to Energy plant, Cypark's state-of-the-art SMART WTE facilities offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution for waste management. Our facilities provide a reliable source of renewable energy while reducing environmental impact, promoting a circular economy, and ensuring a better future for all.

From Waste to Energy: How Our SMART WTE Plant Turns Trash into Treasure

Our innovative Waste to Energy (WTE) technology takes municipal solid waste (MSW) that would otherwise end up in landfills and converts it into clean, renewable energy. We utilize advance processes and equipments at our Waste Segregation and Recycling Facility (WSRF) to process the municipal solid waste, removing moisture and reducing its size to ensure efficient combustion.

Our Waste to Energy (WTE) plant then combusts the waste, generating steam and producing green and sustainable electricity that is supplied to the Malaysian national grid. The combustion process reduces waste volume by up to 80%, significantly lowering the amount of waste that needs to be disposed to the landfills. We also ensure the utmost compliance with existing environmental standards for the treatment of the by-product of the waste combustion.

These highly efficient process is backed by our technology and advanced waste management practices, making us leaders in Malaysia's waste-to-energy industry.

Discover more about our SMART WTE processes by watching the video below.

Solid Waste Modular Advance Recovery and Treatment Waste-to-Energy ("SMART WTE") Plant (20 MW)